Word Press: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.



While Updating a WordPress plugin, WordPress is automatically placed  into maintenance mode. Event Message is displayed to alert visitors of the  current system state.

Event Message:          

“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”



Root Cause:                

WordPress generates a .maintenance file into website’s installation root directory. Usually, the plugin installation is successfully completed and then WordPress automatically removes the .maintenance file.


The Event message means the automated process has failed and so, you   must manually remove the .maintenance file.

Step by Step:  

1. Log into the Web Server as user with administrator privileges.   (How to Log on to a Web Server via FTP or CPanel)

2. Locate root of WordPress installation.   (How to locate Web Server root directory)

3. Locate file: .maintenance

4. Delete file:  .maintenance

5. Refresh WordPress Website.