Introduction to Linux

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Introduction to Linux” offered by The Coding Place® STEM Academy focuses on the Linux command line utility and the Linux graphical user interface.
This course optionally uses the simplified Linux distribution “Raspbian” which is bundled with the Raspberry Pi or the Ubuntu Linux distribution; which will require a virtual machine to function. Linux is Open Source; meaning the Linux original source Code is free to use, change and share. Real World tasks will be assigned at the end of each session.

Learning Objectives

  • What is Linux?
  • Linux in “The Real World”
  • Popular Linux Distributions
  • Understanding the Linux Operating System
  • Installation
  • System Configuration
  • Navigating Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • 10 Basic Command Line Operations

Hands-On Lab

  • Install Virtual Machine
  • Install, Configure and Customize Ubuntu

Who uses Linux?

  • 94% of the world’s supercomputers
  • Most internet servers
  • Most financial trades worldwide
  • Over 2 billion android devices, GPS Systems, Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Radar, Satellites, etc.
  • Who should take the The Coding Place® STEM Academy
    Introduction to Linux” training course?
    Everyone who loves computers!
  • Anyone who wants to have a super valuable skill now and in the very near future!


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