Online STEM Coding Classes

WackyCoder© was established in 2018 by Rob Torres.
The concept was simple… Provide a streamlined, well-envisioned STEM Academy to teach important concepts such as; Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking, Inductive/Deductive Reasoning, and Spatial Reasoning Skills to students of all demographics in an after-school online learning environment. The platform is FUN, Inspirational, and Educational. Sounds easy?

We had our work cut out for us. There are competitors like; Kumon, Sylvan, Code Ninjas, and other high-end institutional learning environments, offering the same curriculum, but at an exorbitant rate. The objective was to stay competitive while providing an outstanding program that rivals the big brand name powerhouse franchises. The solution was straightforward. No Gimmicks. No Compromises.
WackyCoder© offers premium quality education, rivaling the franchises in this competitive niche, guaranteeing RESULTS!

What Is Coding?

Coding is the language used to create software applications that can be used for content creation, content consumption, analytics, education, or for entertainment purposes. Coding can be created for any stationary, mobile, or virtual computing device such as:
-Desktop and Laptop Computers
-Server Computers
-Mobile Phones, etc.

Additionally, coding can be developed and implemented for commercial-grade computing technologies devices employed by: Global Positioning Satellite Systems, Law Enforcement Systems, Military Systems, Medical Systems, Banking and Finance Systems, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Robotics, and beyond. Like any other language, computer programming languages have a structure that can be classified as:

Lexis:             The collection of words (dictionary).
Syntax:          The grammatical context of a language.
Semantics:    The method in which a statement is expressed or conveyed.
Exceptions:   Special rules of the language which only apply in given circumstances.

There are more than 6,000 spoken languages internationally on planet earth. According to various sources; the total number of computer coding languages range anywhere from 250 to 9,000 depending on the credibility of sources indexed on the Internet! As per the Tiobe Index, at the time this article was published; Python is considered to be the most popular and in-demand coding language in the world!   -Rob Torres, Instructor